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Dance Arts is a studio devoted to teaching dance as an art form. From children to adults, our faculty provides each student with instruction, encouragement, and personal interest to succeed.

Dance Arts was established in 1958 and has a solid foundation of training. Where our dancers have more than trophies, they have careers. As a result of personal interest & instruction, many of our former students are dancing & teaching with professional companies, colleges, and theaters across the US from Los Angeles to New York City.
At Dance Arts, students are carefully evaluated and guided to a schedule best suited to their needs, be it a career, or the simplicity of enjoying movement and music!
Beginning, basic, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and adult levels are available. Students advance upon their individual proven ability.
Our classes run from September to June and culminate in a recital at the end of the season. We offer a 6 week summer course as well as camps and workshops.
Dance is the finest exercise known, producing a graceful, strong, and healthy body.