Dance Arts Revue & Mini-Recitals
Mini recitals are performed each evening, at Dance Arts. Mini Recitals are on the week night of their dance class during the last week of classes.
We learn more ... and spend less with Mini recitals.
Our big production recitals are performed at Lakeshore Auditorium on even years and so our Big Production Recital will be June 9, 2018. Theme to be announced soon! Production recitals are where we strive for perfection through practice and enjoy the rewards and "glitz" on stage!

Informal Arts Concerts
Informal Arts Concerts are an opportunity for students, classes, and varied artists to 'show' what they 'do' - performing in an informal setting. There are four differenet concerts presented in the Dance Arts little theatre, Saturdays of the month (October 7th, November 4th, February 10th, March 3rd) at 2 pm.
Thank you to all who have performed in Informal Arts Concerts throughout the year. We love to see you shine!